Melissa has performed social media contract services for my company since the summer of 2020. During her time working with me, Melissa has proved herself to be an invaluable asset. She has an extremely high level of competency in the field of social media PR and marketing. Melissa’s strengths lie in the fact that she is extremely self motivated and will often go above and beyond the required minimums of a task assigned to perform it to the best of her ability and for the best benefit of her company or client. She also has a fantastic sense of knowing what needs to be done without asking for step-by-step instruction. She possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills and can be completely trusted to communicate effectively to any client’s audience. Melissa also shows excellent moral and professional behavior and is well liked and respected by colleagues, employees, vendors, and customers alike. Her presence, both as a person and as an exemplary worker, will be missed here should she eventually end her working relationship with my company. Based on my experience working with her, I can only give Melissa Artobello my highest recommendation for any contract or position she may be considered for.

Travis Harrup, CEO