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Fast Facts:
From the Bay Area, now living in San Diego
Graduated from San Diego State University
Fluent in emoji
Favorite social network is Instagram

As a high school senior, my class voted me “Addicted to Social Media.” As a college freshman, I discovered I could get paid to Tweet, Post, and Instagram. So, I turned my obsession into my career. Fast forward 6 years later, and I am now a social media and digital marketing specialist.

Being an avid social media user, I’m fascinated by human behavior and how quickly things change in the world of marketing. I have a passion to help brands adapt to these changes in order to remain relevant, relatable, engaging and competitive in the digital space. With my finger on the pulse, I integrate today’s trends and tomorrow’s predictions into my strategies to help B2C and B2B brands of all sizes expand brand awareness, boost engagement, and drive website traffic.

• Social Media (Organic and Paid)
• Content (Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Website Content, Copywriting, Email Newsletters)
• Social, Content, Website Analytics
• Media Relations
• Content and Website SEO

Industries I’ve worked with: Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Nonprofit, Finance & Law, Entertainment, Recreation, Products & Services

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When I’m not at work or freelancing, you can find me at some hipster brunch spot, jamming out at a concert, or chilling at the pool with a good book. But who am I kidding, I’ll probably be on my couch binge-watching Netflix.