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Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

A creative, driven and highly-skilled marketer with 5+ years of experience managing social media accounts and implementing digital marketing strategies for B2C and B2B brands.


Not only is Melissa extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly, but she has exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond the original tasks she was given. She’s shown tremendous leadership skills and I appreciate her communication skills, creativity and proactive nature. She helps manage all the social media accounts, creates social media strategies, and helps oversee that everyone is on the same page with our social media tactics. She promotes a variety of different arms for our organization, including different types of events, the charities we partner with, and the businesses that support us. Melissa’s approach has been extremely effective in increasing our presence on a variety of social media platforms to engage the community and help us achieve our mission. We’ve seen extraordinary growth in followers, likes, reach and engagement thanks to her efforts. Additionally, Melissa’s enthusiasm is remarkable. She goes above and beyond the social media role and has graciously donated time to event planning, attending meetings and events, and has created an impressive album of original images for our social media accounts. We value her passion and dedication to helping our nonprofit and are very grateful for her contributions. She’s been a fantastic asset to my organization and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an eager, bright individual that is not only a pleasure to work with, but will deliver great results.

Karen Moy, Nonprofit Founder

Melissa is hands-down the most exceptional social media expert I’ve ever worked with. Her diligent planning, and always-on work mentality speaks directly to her ability to anticipate new trends, and build relevant and effective strategies for the business. I frequently seek out Melissa for advice on how to best approach my own work, as she has become an expert on both messaging, and the company brand. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single negative interaction with Melissa – she works hard and consistently achieves very timely results. I can’t recommend her more.

Trevor Brown, Video Producer